“Putting the ‘fun’ back in dysfunctional.”

DeFlocked is the larger than life “strip-com” beloved by legions of fans in newspapers world-wide. In this edgy inter-species farce, four of society’s biggest misfits come together to redefine the new nuclear family. Mamet, the delusional sheep once described as “the most desperate character in the history of comics,” takes center stage in this comedy, as the two dog brothers – Cobb and Rupert – try in vain to keep Mamet’s antics in check. This war of wills only gets rockier through the awkward trials of Tucker, their adopted human boy.

mamet1Originally based on Hippocrates’ Four Humors, the main characters of DeFlocked are all archetypes of our own personalities. Corriveau used Hippocrates’ method, along with some of the greatest TV comedies of our time, as inspirations for his critically popular comic strip.

Set on an old forgotten farm, DeFlocked takes on pop culture, interpersonal relationships, and the small daily injustices of life. Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator Larry David counts himself as one of the thousands of fans of this “modern newspaper sitcom.”


Jeff Corriveau

Jeff was a Hollywood comedy writer before turning his talents to comic strips. As co-Head Writer of the Emmy-winning comedy show Talk Soup, Jeff developed a love of pop culture humor and relationship satire that would later serve him well on DeFlocked.

Along with penning many multi-part specials for E! Entertainment, Jeff was also a long-time contributing writer for Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and the Late Late Show.

While working late one night on a script, Jeff started to dabble in that destructive vice known as soul-searching. By the time his friends and co-workers got to him, it was too late… he was already gone.

Jeff cast aside a promising career in television to follow one of his childhood dreams.  Jeff remembers being mesmerized by his newspaper’s comics page, and was soon devouring stacks of Peanuts books…

“Schulz created these deeply personal little postcards, which he shared with millions of readers on a daily basis,” recalled Jeff. “All of his hopes, fears, and unpolished failures were laid bare on that page through the trials of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Lucy. It’s one of the most personal forms of communication an artist can ever have with his fans. And that appealed to me greatly.”

Through a blessed storm of determination and timing, Jeff finally got his wish.

mamet2Trading in his computer for a drafting table was a difficult choice. But one that Corriveau never regrets. “To open a newspaper and see my work sharing space with my childhood hero, Charles Schulz, is very moving, to say the least. But to take that leap of faith on a dream which is known for very low odds of success… and to have it be received so positively, was incredibly gratifying. My only wish is that I could’ve met Mr. Schulz in person. I just wanted to shake his hand. To thank him.”

Jeff lives with his growing family on a sprawling 1/16 acre of land in Los Angeles. A work light is always on somewhere, deep into the night.